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     When you contact Pinnacle Detail you are contacting Matthew Goodell. Aside from being the owner and operator, Matthew is an automotive enthusiast with a passion for fine automobiles. Pinnacle Detail was created because of Matthew’s love for cars and his desire for making them look the best.

     For Matthew, and for many, much of a car’s appeal comes from its looks. That “look” can deteriorate without proper care. Matthew has the skills and the drive to take the ordinary, damaged and dull, and create a show car look. You can be sure that your car will receive the closest attention with an unrivaled result. Pinnacle Detail is completely mobile and can meet you just about anywhere to perform the work.

why pinnacle?
     If you want your vehicle to look its finest you will want to contact Pinnacle Detail. Pinnacle is passionate about making a car’s finish look the best. That can only be achieved with careful precision, hard work, and time. Most of us don’t have the kind of time to put into loving our cars as we should. Proper care takes time and attention to detail. Pinnacle offers that service by conveniently coming to you.

     A pinnacle detail cannot be obtained through a quick wash or a mechanical wash. Quick washes and automatic carwashes simply cannot clean and protect your car completely. Your local auto superstore has shelves full of products claiming to perform miracles for your car. The fact is to truly clean and protect your car takes time, care and proper equipment. Most detailers and carwashes simply don’t take the time to really care for your finish. In some cases detailing can take a full day of work, not 15 minutes. A careless approach can cause more damage. Contaminants, both seen and unseen, can do damage to the paintwork. Pinnacle Detail will take the proper measures needed to remove those contaminants that have bonded to the paintwork, and then carefully level the finish to a brilliant shine. After every nook and cranny has been cleaned and cared for, multiple layers of protection are added to ensure long life and great luster.

     While time and care are the main reasons for contacting Pinnacle, quality products are another. First-rate products are rarely found on shelves and in many cases are not cheap. Matthew chooses products that have been researched and tested to produce the finest results and he is unsparing in his application.

     And one of the best reasons to contact Pinnacle Detail is convenience. Matthew comes to wherever you are and takes the time to carefully work on your vehicle while you are at work or play. You can relax in the comfort of your own home or work at the office and come out to a freshly cleaned vehicle.

     The cost of new cars goes up every year yet the value drops as soon as you drive it from the lot. Every time your car is washed it runs the risk of being damaged. Dirt and other contaminants can be rubbed into the paint finish causing swirls and scratches. Road grime, industrial fallout, sap, bird droppings, etc. can harshly damage your vehicle. Even new cars don’t all have perfect finishes (ask about our new car preparation service). Dealers and even body shops have been known to produce mediocre results. Having your car lovingly cared for by Pinnacle Detail can reduce the loss in value, and in many cases may increase the value (Ask about our re-sale preparation service). If your finish has been damaged Pinnacle may be able to save you the cost of having the car re-painted. Regular maintenance by Pinnacle Detail will ensure your car is safe from damage and will keep it looking top-notch.

     If you value your vehicle and enjoy a pristine look, then Pinnacle Detail is for you.

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