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What is detailing?
Detailing is a systematic process for cleaning, correcting, and protecting the many surfaces of a vehicle from the environment.

Why choose Pinnacle Detail over a car wash or other detailer?
Would you put your fine china in a dishwasher? Or toss a nice suit into the washing machine? Running your investment through a car wash is the same. The paint work and other surfaces of your vehicle are delicate and can be damaged by careless methods. Matthew cares about your car and takes pride in what he does. Pinnacle Detail uses only the best products and methods, all of which are tested to perform the best.

How far do you travel?
Pinnacle Detail is based in Southlake and will travel just about anywhere. But anything outside of a 25 mile radius may require addition fees for travel expense.

Will you require electricity or water?
No, we carry everything we need to perform our work. We do operate a super quiet generator for our electricity, but also understand the need for altogether quiet. If you prefer we will use your electrical outlet.

Can I bring my car to you?
Not usually. There may be circumstances where that can work. But in most cases we will need to meet you.

Can you work on my car at my place of work?
As long as there is ample room to perform the work, and the management is ok with it, we can certainly accommodate. We can work at your home, office, golf course, just about anywhere.

What are your hours of operation?
Usually we operate under normal business hours and often work from sun up to sun down. As long as there is light to work by we can arrange something.

What payment methods do you take?
Cash or check.

How do I schedule a detail?
Just call or go online. You may fill out the booking form online under the “Booking & Membership” tab or email us at info@pinnacle-detail.com.

How to I become a member?
Simply fill out the form under the “Booking & Membership” tab and state that you would like to become a member. You will be contacted with further details.

What are the benefits of becoming a member?
Members receive exclusive offers and are entitled to 15% off of all Pinnacle Detail services.

I just purchased a new car. Why should I have you detail it?
Unfortunately new cars don’t often look their best. During transportation and while sitting in stock the vehicles are subject to the elements. And even though they get regular washes while in stock (which may make matters worse by untrained or uncaring help grinding contaminates into the finish creating swirls) that is not enough to protect them from the elements. Ensure your investment is perfect from day one by letting Pinnacle prepare it.

What do swirl marks look like and how do they happen?
Swirls and buffer marks are a result of improper products and applications. Click here to see before and after shots and to learn how we correct them.

I want to enter my car in a show. Can you prepare it?
Absolutely! Show care prep is a great way for us to showcase our talents. It is a great joy to see our work outshine the competition.

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